Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It has been over a week since we returned from our annual fall trip to Idaho Falls. Stella had a Friday off and we thought it was the perfect time to go. We even had Brenty along for the ride. It was a pretty low key visit and Stella had the best time as usual. We were able to go to one of Catcher's football games, eat my favorite pizza, enjoy delicious Mongolian BBQ, watch Stella and the boys' home performances (complete with handmade tickets), eat homemade peach pie from Maddox, watch the kids slide down the stairs on mattresses, talk LEGOs, watch movies, and of course, in the middle of all that...have a good time.

I didn't take many pictures, but I did venture out into the freezing cold to take pictures of Stella playing with the boys outside. Catcher made up a game called "egg" where they would all snuggle in a blanket and then hatch. It was very cute.

Heidi and I are the worst about buying tons of frames, but never hanging them. After about 3 years of having frame drama I helped Heidi finally make a decision about where they would go and with what pictures. Part of that process included getting some new pics of Wyn.

Also Heidi has been bugging me for ages to get her some pictures of the Idaho Falls temple, so we headed over there as well. I loved taking pictures of this temple--I find the deco style very appealing to me and my little heart. Here are my favorites:

Can you believe that the last time I was on these grounds was at Heidi & Craig's wedding in 1999?! Time has flown so fast!

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