Friday, October 11, 2013


Stella is currently obsessed with My Little Pony. It has been going on for more than a month now...this full obsession. She constantly watches the ponies on TV and the computer. She knows all the songs from the show (which means I do as well), and she sings them all the time. We even went down into the studio to record her singing her favorites. She plays with her pony dolls all the time. They go everywhere in the house, fly around, slide, play hide and seek, and gallop. They also sit nicely in a little semi-circle to watch themselves on TV or on the computer, and they have also been spotted cozied up by the tiny video camera watching videos of Stella singing their songs. Don't ask her which one is her favorite--she loves them all!

One morning last month, Stella came up to me crying hysterically. She told me that something had happened, something bad. I was thinking that maybe she had broken something and was scared to tell me. Finally, she sputtered out: "Applejack has to leave because he lost the contest, and Pinkie Pie is so sad." I asked her in an incredulous tone: "Are you talking about an episode of My Little Pony?" "Yes (cry cry)." Since the ponies are often getting into scrapes that they are still able to fix within a 20-minute time frame, I gave Stella some advice: "Um, why don't you finish the episode, I bet it all works out." So as you can see, she takes her pony love pretty seriously. I'm just surprised that I haven't stepped on one and hurt my foot, because you never know where Rainbow Dash or Twilight Sparkle could be lurking.

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Mistie said...

LOVE her. Seriously. What an adorable little specimen (my mom always uses that word.HAHA. It is happening, I am becoming my mother!).
Sound like she melts your heart every day. What a cute girl.