Thursday, December 5, 2013


I was really dragging my feet this year when it came to getting everything decorated. Good thing I had Stella to help. I put her 100% in charge of decorating the tree and only helped by putting a few ornaments on the high parts that she couldn't reach. There is definitely a part of the tree that is more concentrated as far as decor goes, but honestly, I think it looks great. We also added regular ornaments this year, including some new framed pictures (frames discovered in the great office clean-up of 2013). Of course, Stella wasn't working alone--all of her pony friends were watching closely and sharing their magical tips.

Soon after the decorating was complete, Stella just HAD to take her ponies outside to play in the snow. I guess she saw another girl do it on YouTube so she had to give it a try.


MathMan said...

Stella it looks BEAUTIFUL! I hope those pony's didn't get to cold. :) As I have gotten older I have decided that I like the snow. Maybe because I don't actually have to go anywhere.

Christy said...

The tree looks great! That's cute that she let her ponies help. :) The snow looks so awesome! So pretty but makes me cold just to think of it. ;)