Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Some dresses deserve their own photo shoot. Stella's Sunday Christmas dress was a beautiful plaid Janie & Jack special occasion dress that Mommy got last April on super sale. She has been counting down the days until wearing it and showing off the "beautiful, cute bow."


Stella has been absolutely loving her time at Clayton Productions this year. I was delighted to find out about CP from a few people in our ward. They focus on singing and dancing performance. And with several actual performances each season, I knew my little stage princess was going to love it. 

I attended her first class with her, and I was astounded at how much she learned that first class. They had a Grinch theme for this Christmas and they had half of the first song down after class one. I had no idea until Stella's first perfomance that she was one of the few kids that had a solo. She had told me how sad she was that she wasn't singing the first song, but it was beause she had a very long solo in the second song. She sang it great after the first show. She would run right up to the mic, get her little short face up to it and sing out her part. I was delighted every time. 

I videotaped her first two shows, and these pictures are from her third perfomance at Trolley Square. Dang she looked cute! Ava and Ashley made it to this show and she kept looking over at me and Ava, giving us tons of big grins.

Isn't her outfit adorable? I told her she had to be so careful with it because it is by far the most expensive thing she has ever worn. Also, I had to do her hair all cute/crazy like a Who. I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with the idea of putting tinsel in her hair. It was great because you could spot her on stage right away. Of course, with her already being front and center, she was hard to miss anyway.