Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Courtney and I were put in charge of making a video of old pictures of Grandpa's life. I absolutely adore all the old pictures and since they were already scanned in, I had Courtney make me a CD of the pictures.

Beverlee and Norman's Senior pictures:

This is a picture of my grandma that my aunt had out during the funeral. She looks beautiful in it. I was really amazed when I took the picture out of the frame to take a picture of it to find a note from my grandpa on the back.

"This is the only girl I have ever really cared for in my life, I'm going to marry her, she is the most wonderful, sweetest girl in the world. To the sweetest most wonderful girl in the world I give my love forever! Non"

My grandpa went by Non during his early years and so these two were always "Non and Bev."

Me and my grandpa. He loved to feed me stuff that I was too young to eat. My grandpa gave me my first bite of ice cream. Because ice cream never hurt anyone.

I was so stressed out about making the video, but thankfully Courtney stepped in and made the process a lot easier. Picking the songs was tricky, but I sort of think Grandpa helped me with that. In the end, it turned out really great and I love it. I am so glad to have something so precious to watch to remember him and my grandma.

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Kristen said...

Michelle,Sorry for your grandpa's passing. He sounds like such a lovely man.