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Doris Alleta Mabe, 81 of Caldwell, passed away Monday, August 18, 2014 at home of natural causes. Funeral services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, August 23rd at Dakan Funeral Chapel, Caldwell with burial to follow at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens, Caldwell. Friends may call at Dakan Chapel Friday evening from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. 
Doris was born September 14, 1932 in Boise, Idaho to Harvey and Evelyn Lee. Evelyn divorced Harvey and married Walter Bowles who adopted Doris and her two siblings; they were later sealed as a family for time and eternity in the Logan, Utah, LDS Temple.
Doris met her husband, Lester Mabe, in the Nampa 2nd Ward of the LDS church. They were married August 26, 1951 in the Logan, Utah, LDS temple. They moved to Bremerton, Washington, where they made their first home, later moving to Renton, Washington. There they spent most of their married life raising a family of six boys and one girl. Doris’ family was her joy and life. She spent her life raising her children, and enjoying her time with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was a faithful member of the LDS church serving in many callings. She loved the ocean and the family spent many days camped on the Washington coast or whenever possible, just day trips to walk in the sand and waves.
Lester retired in 1999 and Doris and Lester moved to Caldwell, Idaho to be near Doris’s brother and Lester’s sister.
Doris was preceded in death by her mother and father; her sister, Lois Mabe; and a brother, George Bowles.
Doris is survived by her husband, Lester Mabe; a daughter, Teresa (Scott) Evans of Salt Lake City, UT; 6 sons, Jeffery (Gail) Mabe, of Salt Lake City, UT, Joseph (Tracy) Mabe of Renton, WA, James (Chris) Mabe of Seattle, WA, Jerry (Julie) Mabe of Murray, UT, John Mabe of Seattle, WA, and Lester (Dalyn) Mabe, of Salt Lake City, UT; 11 grandchildren; and 8 great-grandchildren. 

Exactly two weeks after my Grandpa Evans died, I got the call from my mom that my Grandma Mabe had passed away after a long battle with cancer. I knew the news was coming soon, so it wasn't a shock but I was still pretty darn sad.

I've been reflecting on the life of my grandma and my life as her granddaughter for months now after she left the hospital in April after coming close to passing then. I started by getting out the scrapbooks that she made for me that are full of pictures she took during my childhood and letters and notes that I had sent her. Many of the notes said that I missed her and wished that she had lived in Utah, which I do remember being a very strong desire in my heart. 

I have so many great memories of being with my grandma in Washington, my favorite visits being the ones I took alone. We had a special little bond and just seemed to "get" each other. I have images flashing in my mind of feeding ducks at her apartment, sitting in the car as she drove us through the green green greenness of Renton, Washington, walking together, talking a lot, making little crafts, riding the Seattle ferry, walking downstairs to get to her antique shop, dancing and singing to music, and falling asleep in her home. 

I love these early pictures of us together. 

Stella didn't get to know my grandma very well, but she was very much loved by her. I dug up a few pictures of them together:

My mom asked me to speak at the service. I shared how I remember my grandma telling me how boring her journal was as a teenager. She said she would write: "Went to school, came home, did homework, washed my hair..." And that would repeat each day. I think that my grandma thought of herself as just an ordinary gal, but to me and those that loved her, she wasn't just ordinary. She was very special. I loved how my grandma could laugh at herself. She never took herself too seriously and I loved her laugh. My favorite visit was when I was about 14 and my cousin Moncia was visiting at the same time. We all came up with this ongoing joke of sharing "bonding moments." One time we were all in her tiny bathroom together and she had to go to the bathroom and she was laughing so hard about us all having a bonding moment. It was hilarious. My grandma also loved family history work very much, and it was because of her that I first realized the depth of my Mormon roots.

Me, Ash, and my mom went to visit her in August. She was able to meet Finn and we spent the day with her. The last thing she told me was of her love of family history and how it had blessed her life. She also told me that I was a wonderful person. When I started to cry, she said: "You are, Michelle--a wonderful person." 

This is a picture that my cousin took when she visited in the spring. I love it because she is looking at a picture of me and my cousin Sarah. 

I've always been weird about taking pictures at funerals. I don't know why, I just like to take pictures with my mind I guess. But I did take a few since this family is never all together. 

So sweet Grandma, I love you and thank you for all the wonderful love you have shown me. It makes me feel a bit better knowing you are up in heaven watching over my little Stella.

It has been a crazy month with so much loss it almost feels like August didn't even happen. It has been wonderful though for me at least to be able to think about the blessings of my youth and the love that I have had in my life. It was an honor to speak at both my grandpa and grandmother's funerals and say out loud how much I love them. I am a lucky girl.

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