Saturday, October 11, 2014


Stella starting first grade has been a big adjustment for everyone. Of course she is in school all day and I miss her. I also miss sleeping in more than anything! Ugh, these mornings are tough!

I was so proud of Stella for smiling for her first day pictures even though I knew she was crazy nervous and did not feel like smiling at all. It has taken some adjustment, but now that it has been a few weeks, when I pick her up she has usually had a fun day and has a big smile on her face. I still walk her to the door each morning because just dropping her off is way too hard for both of us! Also I am now going in on Tuesdays to help with the class. Stella and I both like it.

She is busy learning Spanish and growing up more each day. She is too big--I mean, she has a freaking locker already! How am I supposed to cope with that business!? Anyway, I just love her and I hope that she has a great year in first grade!

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