Saturday, October 11, 2014


I am so far behind on our family photos and blog that I am having a hard time keeping track of what I do need to post. Part of this complication is my phone that has a ton of pictures from the summer, some of which will appear on my soon-to-be-made Instagram book. We had a busy summer--after Stella's birthday, we had a visit from the Gummows and then a visit from the Douglas clan. It was so fun to have both of them here to play with us.

This summer was also filled with a lot of High School Musical excitment. Stella got really into these classic films this year, and loved everything about them. She was singing the songs non-stop and dancing and just loving them everyday. Of course, when I told her that the movies were filmed in Utah she wanted to check out Easy High School as soon as possible. One night after we had taken the Douglas family pictures close to EHS, we stopped by and the kids had a little Wildcats photoshoot. The school was locked up of course, but I told Stella that we would go inside soon.

Yes, it was all about the Wildcats all summer long. I started to get into it too. I can't say I have ever watched any of the movies from begining to end but I have seen them several times now since they are on all the time. And the songs? Love them, I do.

So around August I figured that the school would be open one day, so we popped in to sneak around and had the best time seeing our favorite spots and reenacting our most treasured scenes. It was so fun. We were so thrilled when we finally found Sharpay's locker! Still pink after all these years. We also found the gym, and even though it was occupied by the whole girls' volleyball team, Stella still danced and sang around and had the best time. WE had the best time. Especially because the whole time I was able to play it cool like I was just doing this for my little girl, but I loved it just as much as she did.

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