Tuesday, October 6, 2015


We decided, kind of last minute to enjoy the excitement of Stake Lagoon Day with Asher and Lindsey. We got there a little bit later in the day and we had tons of fun. Stella doesn't remember the other time I took her to Lagoon, so for her it was all new. I get a kick out of the nostalgia factor of Lagoon, and bless that park I love how much they have kept the same for years.

Of course we go on the ride that scares Stella the most first thing. We went on this spinning dragon ride, a ride not unlike one I've been on many times so I thought it would be no big deal. Stella hated it! As it spun around and around we were both getting sick and then it stops, only to start going backwards! By the time if finally eneded we were all a bit queasy. And for the rest of the day Stella was pretty freaked out about the rides, although I have to hand it to her...she was incredibly brave ALL day!

I love taking Stella on all the classic rides that I went on as a kid. I have pictures of me on all these old favorites and it tickles me to see her on them. I also love that after all these years they are still using the same gross arrow hand stamps that end up looking like giant blobs of ink on your hand. Seriously, it is the same stamp from when I was like 10 or even younger!

Stella my brave girl even went on rides I WOULD NOT go on as a kid. Like the Terror Ride! She went on it, and I didn't go on that thing until I was like 14. She was so sad when she wasn't tall enough to go on Wild Mouse. She really wanted to try all the rides, even though like, the umbrella ride...she didn't like them all. Of course I was the most scared of the chair lifts that go accross the park, did I mention my extreme fear of chair lifts? :)

We had a fun day and we stayed until the park closed. We thought we had another hour and then bam! All the rides were closing. We were bummed, but we were pretty tired and we headed home. It was a fun day!

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