Monday, September 28, 2015


There are certain things that when you live in Utah you plan to do one day, but you never get around to them. Then when you finally do, you are like: Seriously? That was amazing and it is right in my backyard! Heading up Little Cottonwood canyon to see the wildflowers in Albion Basin is one of those things.

So we couldn't get up to the actual basin because there were too many cars, but we hiked around Alta and it was insane! I couldn't believe how beautiful all these natural flowers were. They were just doing their thing and blooming prettily and it was amazing. It just got prettier and prettier as we climbed higher up and I wanted to keep going especially when there were reports of a moose up ahead. Unfortunately, we got there a bit later than I had hoped so we had to head down before I was really done enjoying it. But next year I am going to be sure to make it up again to enjoy all the prettiness. This hike was on July 15.

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