Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Stacey has been wanting to get better at taking pictures before her big trip to Greece. So we went out a couple of Saturdays ago and Stella modeled for her. In case you aren't aware, Stella makes an excellent model. She also needed a nice head shot picture of herself, but that was just a small focus of our morning. We didn't get out until the light was pretty much at it's worst so I spent some time trying to take pictures of Stella in really harsh light to practice my poor harsh light skills. Unfortunately I really didn't end up liking very many of them :( True to form though, Stella as a photographer turned out the best shots. Even the ones of me where I am not in focus I totally dig. She has a great eye and I love her pictures. After our little jaunt we went to brunch. It was a fun morning, but I have promised Stacey another outing where we will actually be out when the sun is working for you and not against you. It was fun though to just get out and take pictures for no real reason, I haven't done that in ages.

I love Stacey's face by the way. She is such an amazing special friend. I can't believe I have known her a decade now...crazy how fast my married life has flown by.

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