Monday, June 6, 2016


We were so excited to hang out in Florida during Stella's spring break. We got a great deal on our plane tickets and had a very nice time. It wasn't until way after I booked the trip that I realized that we were going to be in Florida over Easter. I had mixed feelings since it is my favorite family holiday, but we had a great day and the bunny found us in Florida. We seriously almost didn't do a thing the whole time we were favorite kind of visit.

My dad and I went into a Sport's Authority on Easter because he needed a tire pump for his bike and almost every other store was closed. While we were there I spotted these adorable roller skates and I was surprised how inexpensive they were. Stella was so delighted to get her very own pair of real roller skates. 

We made another trip to the beach just in time for a huge rain storm so we waited it out and had some lunch where I discovered that my mom finds it terribly annoying when I make "special" orders. As soon as we were done though we were able to hit up the beach. Stella had the best time rolling in the waves. When we got her cleaned off she had a swimsuit full of sand and we had a good laugh about it. When we got back to the condo she had even more sand. Sand, ugh...a real downside of the ocean.

Our last day was spent in our Florida house with Ava, Finn, and Ashley. The kiddos had a great time swimming in the pool together. It is not a heated pool and it was pretty chilly but the girls kept going in and then warming up in the bath.

Ashley and I however ended up helping Dad paint the kitchen and dining area. It was a lot of work and took all day. But we did it in record time.

Overall, it was a great time. It was sad to leave and come home, but poor Brent had missed us since we had been gone over a week. We love getting away to our Florida home.

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