Monday, June 6, 2016


We've just finished up another great season with Clayton Productions. I can't believe Stella has been there for three years. She loves to perform. Sometimes she gets worn out with all of the getting ready (hello, curlers hurt!) But every time I tell her that we can stop at any time, she enthusiastically yells: NO! She especially loves having her friend Averi with her to keep her company.

This year the theme was Mary Poppins. It was the first year that Stella's group was asked to come into the studio to record the vocals before the performances.

When I first saw Stella's costume, I was concerned about it being seriously fragile. She had to wear it several times, and it was white and tulle! Yikes! But it ended up being a great costume and she looked lovely in it. When all of the kiddos were on stage together they looked like little spinning clouds. It was adorable.

Her first performance was at Trolley Square. It is always so fun to see the show for the first time. Porter was there and he went CRAZY for Stella when he saw her on stage. He wanted to run right up and join her. I'm glad he didn't though, he didn't know any of the moves. But Miss Stella did and she was adorable. Since I only watch her, I can only assume she is the best. Even when she is at the very back of everyone, she still shines like the star she always has been.

Stella had a performance that was attended in a surprise visit from all the Gummows. It was the only show that I didn't have my best camera. The rest of the shows were attended by all the welcome Stella supporters. And only two shows got rained out this year. One was rescheduled at a very strange, very interesting "reception center."

Then we had one last show before her long recital. It was outside at Jordan Commons. I wanted to use my camera to see how it would video and so I had it handy to catch more pictures of Stella's devoted cheering section at the end of the show.

I love the spring shows as they carry on into summer. Stella is done with To The Top and ready to move up into higher and older classes. We are so lucky to have this fun outlet for her. It is perfect.

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