Wednesday, August 3, 2016


After leaving one of the stake baptisms one spring Saturday morning, I saw a family taking pictures by the beautiful flowered tree in front of the church. I thought, dang, too bad there won't be pretty trees when Stella gets baptized...Then I thought: Hey! I can take the pictures whenever I want! I have the dress! I have the daughter! I have the camera! Decision made, pictures were then taken only a few days later. It was the most beautiful night at the temple. It was so busy--we were not the only people with the idea to take pictures and walk around Temple Square that Monday night on April 11th.

We spent the bulk of our time by these insanely pretty trees with hanging flowering branches. I had never seen them before, and the light, the flowers, the daughter...all combining in a perfect way that made me swoony.

After we took WAY more pictures than Stella was in the mood for, we had dinner. I was thankful for Brent who acted as assistant. I was also thankful that I had thought of the idea to do the pictures in spring in the first place.

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