Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Months ago when I found out Jim Gaffigan was coming to Utah I knew Lindsey would go with me. When I went to buy the tickets it was my intention to buy cheaper seats, but I accidentally put "best seats available" with no price limit. I was just about to change the search when I realized we had front row floor seats. Suddenly I was like, um, yeah I'll take these babies! Please and thank you very much!

That night it was crazy getting downtown. I didn't think much of it until we got on the freeway and it wasn't moving. I realized then that it was official--the holidays were here and it was the weekend and so we got off of the freeway and ate at Crown Burger. People were possessed on the road--we saw two little fender benders and almost got hit ourselves on our way down. But we made it, thankfully unscathed with plenty of time. 

We had fun that night, but admittedly the whole evening was less about Jim Gaffigan and more about us high rolling it in the front row. I told everyone. Even the guy taking our ticket at the door was excited for us.

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