Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Our Thanksgiving was delightful. Of course it takes days to get ready for such a big dinner, but the day of was pretty relaxing. Dad and Mom arrived with the turkey and I could tell my dad was ticking the seconds away in his head until his precious turkey was going to be overcooked and destroyed. It was trying to remain calm, but it was not easy. We soon realized we didn't have any gravy or ice so dad and I ran to Wal-Mart that was thankfully open and got those items. It all worked out fine, but it just made me forget my precious candied yams, and because we could NOT heaven forbid wait 20 minutes for my yams we started dinner without them. When they did come out they were perfect. Not gonna lie...totally worth the wait. My dad just can't help himself, he just gets too worked up. His turkey is amazing though, and this year the stuffing was tip top.

I think I might have a picture almost every year of Brent laying down feeling sick because he ate too much. It is as much a tradition as the turkey itself. We loved having two new babies at the house and Porter was a hoot. Making us laugh at every little thing he did.

I have this thing I do which is that I repeat things I say over and over again. It will be an adorable trait when I am in a convalescent home, but for now it is simply kind of annoying. Those I love choose to embrace it. One of the things I guess I say all the time is that I HATE pumpkin pie. This is because it seems like no one remembers how much I hate it. Ashley was teasing me though about how any time it is mentioned I always have to announce how much I hate it. So of course we had to take a series of pictures of Ashley loving pumpkin pie and me hating it. Now it never needs to be mentioned again!

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