Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Since Stella looked so cute in her Pottery Barn jumper, while I, her mother had done my hair for the first time in truly 2 months (not that you can tell here since it rained); I decided to have my sister take some pics.

Here Stella is looking at the leaves of the tree we were under, since that is more interesting to her than my camera. She is still the best looking of the three in the photo....I think.In the next photo Stella was actually totally furious that we were still taking pictures and so we are looking at her pretending that we are a loving family. I think we pulled it off.
Oh those cheeks! Both Brent and I simply cannot resist kissing them several times every hour on the hour. As you can plainly see....she loves it!
Here is the most realistic of the photos. Stella has totally had it, and Brent and I are both dealing with it in our own unique ways. I actually think that Muffin looks completely adorable in this picture.....does that make me a mean mommy? Oh well, don't care.

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Christy said...

What a cute family...and Stella's dress is adorable! Isn't it so fun to be a little family? You can tell you two are loving it!