Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Did we do it? Did we catch Stella's first real smile? Brent and I both think this might be a genuine smile of a happy baby. We also both agree that smiling Stella looks like a totally different baby, well at least in this picture.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Since Stella looked so cute in her Pottery Barn jumper, while I, her mother had done my hair for the first time in truly 2 months (not that you can tell here since it rained); I decided to have my sister take some pics.

Here Stella is looking at the leaves of the tree we were under, since that is more interesting to her than my camera. She is still the best looking of the three in the photo....I think.In the next photo Stella was actually totally furious that we were still taking pictures and so we are looking at her pretending that we are a loving family. I think we pulled it off.
Oh those cheeks! Both Brent and I simply cannot resist kissing them several times every hour on the hour. As you can plainly see....she loves it!
Here is the most realistic of the photos. Stella has totally had it, and Brent and I are both dealing with it in our own unique ways. I actually think that Muffin looks completely adorable in this picture.....does that make me a mean mommy? Oh well, don't care.

Monday, July 28, 2008


This might be the first time that both Ava and Stella have actually given each other the once over at the same time.

Who would have thought a year ago that there would be a bottle feeding factory at my mom and dad's house? Ava is a very delicate and slow eater, while Stella takes after her father when it comes to food and drinks a bottle like we have never fed her before. Here, Ava is taking a break while cousin has her dinner.
Trying to get a good picture of two babies at once is almost impossible. But we try!

Wow! It seems like the odds of them both looking bad in a picture would be just as tricky as getting them to both look adorable. Congratulations to us...they both look loopy here.


Stella's asleep face.

One of Stella's MANY waking up faces! I love them all!


On Saturday we received several text messages from my brother Tyler about a concert he was doing at Liberty Park. The turn out may have been small, but Stella was there...and so it was a very important show... being her first concert and all. Even though she could only stay for one song before bedtime she genuinely seemed to like it.

While we were among the small audience of cool young kids I suddenly realized something....I'm that person with the baby! For so long it has always been someone else among me that has brought the baby to the party and left early to put little one to bed. And now by golly it is me. I felt the same way when I was booking wedding vendors, I couldn't believe that I was actually in that place in my life.

Anyway, before the concert I took the opportunity to have a little photo shoot with Stella in the park. (She better get used to the photo shoots.) These are some of my favorites.

Note: Stella is wearing a yellow one-piece ensemble by Ralph Lauren purchased for her by her cousin Ava with help from Ava's mom Ashley.

Friday, July 25, 2008


It is true that little Stella had won over her daddy's heart from the moment she was born. They do seem to have a very special friendship. My feelings for Brent are all over the place. I never realized how much I could love a person (he is the father of my baby) and then suddenly hate a person (sleep deprivation) so quickly in my life. Oh the highs and lows of a new mother's hormones. I decided to post some pictures of the dynamic duo here on the blog to thank Brent for all he does for our little family. Not only is Brent a great dad, but he is the only person in 15 years that has actually ordered forest green carpet which I think makes him rather unique. (He still stands by his choice.)

Brent told me after day two of little Stella's arrival that he loves having a baby so much so that I am going to have to constantly be making babies for him to enjoy. Well....we will see how that goes!


Yesterday I decided that Stella needed more summer outfits and I found this for $4.99 at Macys and I bought it, even though it is not really my style. I put it on Stella today and I just couldn't help but think she looked like she was trying to recreate the 70's with this look. She promptly puked all over it while I was emailing everyone to tell them about our new blog....I guess she didn't dig it either.


I feel like everyone always feels like they have to have an excuse for starting a blog. For me, it is more that I finally have something to blog about. Brent finally got his way and we had a little mini us. (Of course he also got his way and was able to build that fancy studio on our basement, but I refuse to blog too much about that!)

Stella Marie Sallay was born on June 20, 2008 at 10:50 am weighing in at 6 lbs. 8 oz. I was induced the previous afternoon and was tortured to the point of tears several times until I was finally able to push out our little devil. I enjoyed the pushing more than I thought since it was the only part of labor I seemed to have much control over. Some of the highlights of the night were when my labor seemed to halt progression post epidural and my dad suggested that I get up and take a walk to get my labor going, to which I had to remind him that I was numb from the waste down and couldn't really walk too well at the time. Also, even though Brent could eat all the real food he wanted he still coveted my Popsicles and flavored ice chips. I think most of the nurses we had in the course of the evening wondered what I was doing with such an insensitive husband.

Well our little muffin (as I have started to call her) is now 5 weeks old, and so it seems I have a lot of catching up to do blog wise. There are a lot of little stories and details that I want to remember, and I hope that I find the time to share with you. Thank you Stella for giving us a reason to blog and also for arriving with the chubby cheeks and luxurious hair I ordered. Mommy and Daddy worship you as much as you worship your bottles. Speaking of, it is time for one just now!


I am just trying to figure out how this whole blog thing works.