Monday, May 18, 2009


Over the weekend was the much anticipated Flight of the Conchords concert at Abravanel Hall. I was expecting it to be fun, but I was totally surprised by how hilarious the show actually was. I also was hoping to be able to finally settle my ongoing debate as to which member of the band deserved to move higher up on my crush list. However, it was a total bust in that regard since I just couldn't decide! They are BOTH too cute and too funny for words! Brent was in charge of getting our tickets and he got them right away, but we were still on the very last row (the show sold out super fast). But that didn't dampen our enjoyment. My only regret is that my mom should have come with me since she loves them. She insisted that she was too old for concerts--I should have insisted otherwise. Maybe sometimes daughter knows best.

Brent was kind enough to stay home and watch Stella for the night, and even though I could tell he was a little sad to have missed it he said: "I wouldn't have traded my night with Stella for any concert." sweet!

These pics are zoomed and super cropped for your enjoyment:

Well pleased:

We also took Bridal pics of Heidi while she was here. I am over the moon about them, and must insist that you take a sec to check them out HERE.

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Brandy said...

Those are some HOT photos! Glad you had fun and might I say that you are looking very svelte!