Thursday, May 7, 2009


I feel bad because I seem to be so obsessed with photo shoots that I never just take pictures of Stella being every day cute baby Stella. However, when I do get my camera out to take a picture of Plain Jane Stella, it turns into a full blown shoot anyway.

This one started out innocently enough. Stella was enjoying her current favorite treat, the graham cracker...
Then she started crawling around and I realized I needed some pictures of her on the loose. Her crawl is what a baby book would call "the army crawl." She almost has it, but she can't seem to get her left leg to cooperate. It is still cute though, and she has found herself to be much more mobile. In fact, yesterday she found the dining room. Her face looked so tickled to find another whole room she didn't know we had. Let the adventure begin!

These are only a handful of the pictures produced by this impromptu shoot. I end up having a ton of adorable pictures, and then I can't delete even the bad ones since they are all Stella faces. I guess I shouldn't get too worried. My addictions could be much worse.


Christy said...

My addiction is just as bad so don't worry. :) Those pictures are adorable! How fun that she's exploring!

Heidi said...

Perhaps Stella is the one who can not help herself. I mean how can you take a ho-hum picture of such a stellar child? Not possible.