Thursday, May 14, 2009


Stella is finding new things to get into each and every day. Her new favorite spot is our pantry. She loves to open and close the tall doors over and over again. Also, the bottom shelf is full of fun stuff for babies to play with, like plastic plates and Ziploc bags. What a tremendous treat!

Today when she came over and started pulling out our printer paper and ruining it, I told her "No!" and took it away. Then she blurted out a pathetic whine. To which I told her: "Go ahead and complain. I don't care--I am bigger than you." Well, I may be bigger, but I am often finding that I am not always faster...I can't believe how fast she can get around, our little Miss Independent.

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Beth said...

I was saving the higher resolution to print off and stick on the fridge and I was wondering if you did any post processing on these pics. She looks like a bit of sepia was applied around her.