Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I try not to let Stella play with my phone, but sometimes she finds it, my will to fight her is weak, and I just let her have it. Yesterday I made a tremendous discovery. I found a group of about 30 pictures on my phone that Stella had taken. And I have to be honest, some of them were pretty darn good. This one is my favorite.

My friend Jenni bought Stella this awesome play phone that she has loved for a long time, but tonight she was walking around and finally using it like a real camera. She would hold it up to her eye, point it at us, and say "cheese." SO CUTE, RIGHT?

Looks like we have a little photographer in training.

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mistieleigh said...

i know that feeling of not wanting the hassle of fighting back for the cell phone. i swear, all kids love cell phones. and i love stellas bling camera...so cute!