Friday, February 5, 2010


We only had one family picture taken by the cruise photography professionals while we were on the cruise, and that was the welcome aboard picture. When we found the picture in the photo gallery we discovered that the photographer (if you can call him that) cut both Ava and Stella in their strollers out of the picture. I guess some photography schools don't teach any lessons about getting everyone in the picture--it is a shame. But maybe they don't think that it is a lesson worth being taught.

Anyway, I still have a hard time calling myself a photographer because I can't imagine being any good at something I love so much, but the photographer in me still can't help taking a few shots here and there of things I find scenic. On our last cruise I made a special post with some of the scenic pictures I had taken while out to sea. I thought I would keep up the tradition here.


angelicindy said...

So pretty! I love that green rock at the end. Seriously cool!

mistieleigh said...

great picts. i need sunshine and warmth. sounds delightful. you kind of teased me with those pictures!

Christy said...


Scarlet said...

I'm just weird, but I love the brown rocks with the ocean just lapping in the background. That is a picture I'd love to have as a 11x 14 print on my wall. It's one of those nice relaxing pictures taht can just take you toa happy place, because that rock could be just about anywhere :)

have you ever thought of just selling prints of your landscapes?