Sunday, March 14, 2010


This past week Stella and I flew up to Idaho Falls (or 'Da Ho' as Stella calls it). It was my first time taking Stella on a plane without any help, and it went without a hitch. Our main purpose in coming was to help Heidi with the annual Mayor's Scholarship Award and to take pictures of the recipients for the program. I really love helping with this program, and it doesn't hurt that I get to scam some time to hang out with my best friend as a bonus. The picture taking was spread out over two days and the first day we took Stella with us. After spending about two hours with her Aunt Heidi, Stella started calling her 'mom.' I pretended to act all annoyed and territorial, but I secretly thought it was cute. We also stopped at a park to take a test shot of a potential location for the cover for this year's program, and I just had to share the test shot here (of Heidi walking with Stella). Overall, it was nice to have Stella around, but she wasn't much of a help so the second day we left her to be watched by Nana Barb and Papa Dave along with the boys.

We were going to fly home on Friday, but the flights were full and so Stella got one more day to play with her cousins. Cy was at school Friday, but Catcher ('Tatchee') kept Stella very entertained. She had the best time playing with him and just watching him run wild. Auntie set up a little grocery store for Stella so she could go shopping with Catcher waiting to check her out. It was adorable and she totally got the hang of it (plenty time spent watching Mom do it I guess). She even got out her wallet to pay before we told her to.

Then as if that wasn't enough fun, Catcher and Heidi set up a tea party for the three of them. Stella laughed and laughed at Crazy Cousin and dined on Ritz crackers and fruit snacks. She wouldn't drink out of her cup for some reason, but she still participated in saying cheers and pouring the apple juice into the cups.

The rest of our time there she just followed her cousins around in a pleased daze. They totally wore her out, but she still followed them everywhere! She didn't ever want to leave their sight.

We had a really nice time, and I can't believe that the next time I see Heidi there will be a little baby in tow. I can't wait to welcome my new nephew in a couple of weeks!


Christy said...

That is too cute! What a tiny tea set. :) I can't believe Heidi is already so far along but she looks great! Glad you had fun! :)

The Johnsons said...

I am so happy to hear that you all had fun here in Da Ho. Love the pics with the boys. Will we be seeing you at the Scholarship Night?

angelicindy said...

I love that you two have remained so close :). And that in turn your kids are close. That last picture kind of tells it all!

yeah for the Mayor scholarship! It's a truly wonderful program and your pictures are always so fun and creative to look through.

mistieleigh said...

fun that you have a little sidekick to go with you on these little adventures. you seem like best friends, you and Stella. So fun.

Brandy said...

Love! The last photo is the best. Stella looks like she's gonna slug those silly boys. How fun that you got to go play, as well as work. Heidi appreciates you so very much!