Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today we drove up to see my friend Tiffany and meet her new baby. It was fun because we also got to hang out with my friend Ariane and talk about her upcoming wedding. I am so excited for Ariane to be getting married because she really has the biggest heart of anyone. I took my camera along so I could take a few snaps of the new baby so I had my camera with me when we went to the park. Tiffany's daughter Addi has this toy puppy that looks quite real and has a little travel case. Stella was obsessed with it, and Addi was kind enough to let Stella take it around with her for a while. I had to get a picture of how adorable she was with her new puppy.

But then she saw the swings and she wanted to swing and play. So I got some pictures of her doing that. I would have taken more, but they had sand there and I didn't want to have my camera around all that sand for too long. Stella also spent a good amount of time going up the stairs and down the slide ALL BY HERSELF! She is so big!

Thanks girls for a fun day at the park and awesome chat session. I love Ariane and Tiffany--they let me say sassy stuff and they still like me after.

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