Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For Christmas, Stella recieved her first baby doll from her Sallay cousins Nathan and Chloe. She didn't like it at first, and that might be putting it mildly. But after we got home from the cruise after Stella had spent so much time pushing her "baby" Ava around in her stroller, she seemed to have found her inner motherly instinct and "Baby" was officially welcomed into our home as the most important inanimate object since Ni-Night. It didn't take me long to buy her a baby-sized stroller and now Stella spends many a day placing Baby in her stroller, throwing her purse over her shoulder, and then waving bye-bye to me as she walks around the house. It was such a nice day today that I thought it would be nice to take Baby out for a stroll in the neighborhood. Stella took this task (like she does so many) very seriously.

Now this stroller thing seems like pretty normal toddler behavior, but there is another thing Stella started doing this week that makes me realize just what a great mommy she is. Stella has a cold, which means we are always sucking out her nose with the blue sucky thingy. Two days ago, Stella picked it up, walked over to Baby, touched it to Baby's nose, and then used a tissue to wipe off Baby's face.

Now this of course is genius in my book. However, it falls in line with all of the other motherly duties that Stella has taken on for Baby WITHOUT any help from me. So far Stella has:

  • dressed Baby (as seen in these pictures, with the striped pants).
  • put Baby to bed and tucked her in with kisses and a "Ni-Night, Baby."
  • laid Baby down on the changing pad and gotten out a diaper and wipes to change her diaper.
  • fed Baby snacks and shared her sippy with Baby.
  • hugged her and given her a million kisses, especially in the morning when they are reunited again.
She is such a good mommy, and I am such a proud grandma! I just didn't think I would be a grandma at 31.


Johnson's said...

Congrats on being a Granny!
Taylee is very fond of babies (any baby-be it stuffed or not). She thinks she is such a great Mommy that if she hears a baby crying while we're out anywhere she has to go help. It's cute!
For Christmas her papa gave her a doll that cries, laughs, and eats a bottle to get her ready for baby sis. The baby's name is Baby Sis and she has to go EVERYWHERE with us.
Aren't girls just so much fun!

Christy said...

Oh my cuteness! I can't believe she sucks her nose and everything... that is smart and adorable. :) I'm glad that she likes her doll now. Girls playing with dolls is so cute.

angelicindy said...

What a doll! And I guess it just goes to demonstrate the divine nature in women to nurture others. But to watch it in Stella is so, so sweet! Thanks for sharing :)

Sara said...

That is too cute! I can't wait until I'm a granny too. Fun!

Nicole said...

That is so cute!

Brandy said...

She really is a genius. I believe they are doing Mensa auditions this month. :) Congrats on your new Grandmother role, you'll do great!