Friday, April 30, 2010


I don't even know where to begin with this post, but I want to write this all down while the feelings are alive and fresh. Today was a day I honestly never really wished for because I thought it would never come. However, about a year ago my grandpa announced to me that he wanted to make my grandma's life-long dream come true by taking her to the temple to be sealed together. After she passed away in June, I wasn't sure that he would keep up the religious momentum, but I was certainly hopeful. When my dad ordained him an elder this last fall, I felt like I was dreaming. It couldn't possibly be MY grandpa who is all happy and in love with the church. Well, thanks to a very loving Bishop and a supportive ward, tonight he was able to take out his endowments, and then after that be sealed to my grandma, my late aunt Nonalee, and my dad. Wow, what a day!

I felt tremendously happy during the session. I kept peeking at my little gramps and would smile knowing how happy my grandma was now that he was making these important covenants. When I was finally able to give him a big hug in the celestial room, he said: "Your grandma is here and she is SO happy." Isn't it so nice that love is eternal?

No one can argue that going through the temple for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. So as we were waiting for the sealing I asked my grandpa how he was feeling. "It is a lot to take in Grandpa. How are you feeling?" He replied, "It is a lot Michelle, but I am SO thrilled. I am on cloud nine."

Soon I was able to take my front row seat in the spacious sealing room. My mom sat in proxy for my grandma, and I just kept picturing my sweet little grandma, knowing that this is something she had wanted her whole life. May I remind you that I could NOT believe it was really happening. After they were sealed and they added in my dad and Ashley who was filling in for Nonalee, I lost it. I almost couldn't breathe. How do I explain this...I felt suffocated, but in a really warm way. It was brilliant to me to see this link in my family pieced together, and I don't think I can really describe properly how it felt for me to be in that room.

I kept thinking of a 12-year old girl whose mom found her in her room in tears because she wanted to be sealed to her family. I never imagined it would ever include my sweet Grandpa. Well, not in this lifetime anyway. Tonight I got my wish times ten.

Now on to the pictures. It was a stunning day at the temple, and Ashley and I drove together. We were both so excited! We both got our love of shoes from our grandma, so we had to get a picture of our sassy shoes. Now, the pictures after the sealing are totally blurry. I took a chance and put my cheaper camera on a setting that slows the shutter so it doesn't wash out the background. Unfortunately we look a mess, but I don't really care. I"ll remember this day forever even without perfect pictures.


Christy said...

Michellle, I am so happy for you!! What a wonderful experience. It looks like it was a beautiful day. :)

mistieleigh said...

what a sweet experience for you. i can't even imagine the happiness you must feel. I am really so happy for the links all coming together for your family. Your grammie is so happy right now.
thanks for sharing!

Liz said...

God is great, the Gospel is true, and families are forever -- Three great truths that bring us so much joy. I'm so glad you and your family were able to experience this blessing!

brickhouse79 said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Michelle. Surprisingly, hearing that it took 18+ years to see the rightous desires of your heart come to pass gave me a huge uplift. Sometimes it takes awhile, and most times it comes in ways we don't expect, but those blessings always come when the faith and hard work is there. :D

Sara said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say to that. I think you summed it all up pretty well.

Aubrey said...


Your family has always been such a great example to me of true love for the gospel. Of course you have been a driving influence for good. I am so happy that you get to see your eternal dreams come true.