Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Our basement is really coming together. We have a great contractor and it has been rather painless in all ways except in our wallets. However, it is looking like a million bucks and certainly not costing that much. Brent and I were even able to come up with a compromise on building shelves for his massive DVD collection, so our marriage is staying strong as well.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Stella continues to have the best week of her life. She is constantly entertained by her three cousins while they stay at our house. As if that weren't enough we are keeping busy with fun excursions as well. Today we made our way through the rain to Jungle Jim's Playland. Jungle Jim's is the best place and it only costs 8 dollars and parents are free. Stella and Ava are now much more ride savvy and went on all of the rides, even the scary one. We had a great time, and I never got sick of waving hello to my adorable child every time she flew past me on a ride. I did, however, get very sick after going on three spinning rides in a row.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Yesterday was Brent's 32nd birthday. We met him at Hires and took him to lunch. After he went back to work we went to South Towne Mall to buy some really cheap and cool clothes for the boys at Forever 21. We were there forever because we just couldn't choose which of the 10 cardigans we found to take home with us. Then we attempted to rush home to get the house and dinner ready for the b-day party. We got stuck in a traffic accident on I-15. By the time we got home and I made the cake, finished the dinner, and helped clean the house (alongside my awesome friend and my sweet Catcher) I was really not in the mood to play photographer. Still, I wanted to document the day. Here are a few pics of Brenty blowing out his candle and opening presents.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Announcing the newest kid band to hit the Salt Lake City/Idaho Falls Area music scene. The Dirty Bedrooms are a group of kids who hope their music will speak to the younger generation. Lead vocalist Cy Gummow has had a passion for music his whole life. He finds inspiration from music by The Beatles and songs he hears on the radio. "I love music," says Cy, "and I have always wanted to be a rock star." Catcher Gummow plays drums and is responsible for keeping the beat. He also writes lyrics for some of TDB's more comical songs. "I got the idea for 'Fireballs Like Smelling David Hasselhoff' from my hero Weird Al. I love Weird Al songs." Stella Sallay is the only female member of the band. "She keeps us on our toes," says Cy. "We love having her in the band, even though she isn't old enough to really do much but dance around." Sallay says, "I look forward to contributing more than just dance moves to The Dirty Bedrooms once I learn how to talk better." Wyn Gummow is the youngest member of the band at only 3 1/2 months. "If we need some crying in a song, we turn to Wyn. He is really good at it," says older brother Catcher.

When asked how their moms feel about being such big stars at such a young age, Cy tell us, "They just really like living out their dreams through their children. It makes them happy to see us do something they wish they could do. My mom always wanted to be on Star Search and this is the next best thing for her." Stella chimed in, "My mom doesn't like Justin Bieber and she just wants us to be more popular than him so he can't make music anymore." Michelle Sallay told us this was true. "We thought about naming the band Bieber Beaters, but I didn't want the kids to ostracize any potential fans."

When asked if they will ever have a world tour, Stella told us, "I think the boys would love to tour, but I might miss my daddy too much." Heidi Gummow, the boys' mom told us, "My kids are starting school next week, and I really want them to focus on their education. Maybe if they had gotten the idea to start a band at the beginning of the summer things could have been different."

The Dirty Bedrooms currently record in Brent Sallay's super duper awesome basement studio and are hoping to release their new album, Don't Look Under the Bed, next fall.


My dad attempts to keep his store kind of cool with a giant fan close to the front of the store. The last couple of times Stella and I have been there she has totally been scared of the giant air conditioner. Can't blame her--it is loud with some pretty fierce winds. Today she had her brave cousins with her so she was starting to have a little fun with it. The three of them would run up to the fan, act like it was blowing them away, and then run off. Pretty soon the model in Stella remembered that supermodels use fans so she should too, and I caught her striking her new hips pose a few times. Loved these in black and white.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


This morning, Stella was very excited for church. She knows that she needs to put on a dress for nursery and this morning she let Mommy dress her with no complaints. Daddy always tells her how cute she looks on Sunday, and so after she was dressed she walked over to Daddy, put her hands on her hips, posed, and then waited for Daddy to tell her how cute she looked. I tried to recreate the magic after church, with only limited success. Then I gave up and just had her pose with the sucker I brought home for her from last night's wedding.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Stella makes me laugh. She also makes me crazy, but I mostly like to focus on how she makes me smile. Today she decided to put her princess stickers on her face and she thought she was being pretty clever. And since her mom's reaction was laughter and insistence on a photo shoot, perhaps she was right.

Some things that Stella says that make me laugh these days:
  • "Piggy-market" - asking me to do "This Little Piggy" with her toes.
  • "Bye, love you, see-ya-in-the-morning" - even though sometimes I am going to see her in the next second.
  • "Come on!" - in the car, when driving frustrations arise. I am relieved that she is not swearing.
  • "Call Ashley" - she is obsessed with calling her aunt Ashley.
  • "Bless you" - whenever someone sneezes.
In the smarts department, Stella can now also count to 10 and sing her ABCs. She loves to sing her favorite songs which are mostly from nursery--"Hello, Hello," "London Bridge," "The Wise Man Built His House upon the Rock," and "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam."