Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today was Stella's first dance class. She was so excited, and she told me while we were combing her hair: "I am going to make new friends."

Well Stella is best at new things when her mommy isn't around, but I wanted to stay today to take pictures. A lot of the other girls already knew each other and I know it made Stella nervous. She wouldn't dance and she told me she wanted to go home. She also kept almost sucking her thumb, but I could tell she wanted to be a big girl and not do it, and the whole thing kind of broke my heart as she tried to fit in. So I went outside for a bit and then she started to dance. I thought she was cool so I went in and took some more pictures, but that only lasted for a minute until she was all clingy again. So next week I am just going to drop her off and I am sure she will be fine. I think she was almost too excited for dance and it was all a little overwhelming. All the other moms seemed to be friends already too, and I felt a little awkward as well so I get where my girl is coming from. I suppose we will both have to be extra nice and do our best to make new friends.


Nicole said...

What a sweetie! And what a fun adventure for both of you.

Christy said...

Oh the cuteness! I hope she makes some friends soon (I know she will!) and has a blast! :)

ME said...

My heart just melted! What a doll Stella is! I cannot wait until Ava is 3 and I can put her in dance classes. I may just die of sheer and utter cuteness :)