Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Stella has her first dance class tomorrow and she is very excited about it. I thought it would be fun to show her one of my few childhood treasures: my Razzle Dazzle dance costume. I told her I wanted to have her pose just like me in the picture and she was thrilled with the idea. The only trouble: "Mom, we don't have the hat." It was true that we did not have the hat, but we still tried our best. Here are the pictures:


After she did the pose I just let her play around. I love these pictures and find the superhero-styled ones especially charming. When she dances with my pom poms she yells: "Razzle Dazzle! Razzle Dazzle!"


Christy said...

Oh my gosh... so cute! I love the one of you in your costume too. :) It makes me sad though because I don't think I have any of my old dance costumes (which were totally awesome like yours).
Looks like Stella had a blast which is awesome! I'm so excited to see pictures of her dancing. :)
I'll be putting Cali in classes at some point because I can't resist how cute that will be.

mistieleigh said...

oh boy. the cutest thing i have seen in a long time. i am just smiling looking at this post. so, so, so precious. First, i love you still have the costume (and it looks like it is in great condition) and also you still have the picture. And it fits Stella. OMG. And btw...you were adorable as a little muffin. i love it.

Livi Lou Photography said...

She looks like a super hero...The Razzle Dazzler!! Go Stella!