Thursday, April 26, 2012


We had a special treat this last week. Valerie decided to cut her Oregon trip short (bad for them) and come to Utah (good for us). As soon as Stella heard the news she was already acting like the event planner that she might one day become. She had all sorts of activities planned out for Nellie and her during their stay.

Besides all the hanging out and letting Nellie and Valerie catch up on their nap times, we had some small adventures. On Friday we went to the aquarium and lunch with Grandma Sallay. Saturday we made a trip to South Jordan to G&G's house and then went to lunch with Grandpa Sallay.

Sunday we went to church and then Sugarhouse Park to feed the ducks after our naps. It was crazy busy at the park and, um, the ducks were NOT hungry so we didn't stay that long. Stella did take a minute though to put her toes in the stream and then the girls played at the wild playground for a few minutes. Then we went home and had everyone over for dinner.

On Monday Stella planned for us to take Nellie on the pony rides at Thanksgiving Point. She is an old pro by now and she loved showing her cousin the ropes. Nellie loved riding the ponies. Stella decided to try riding an actual horse this time. I told her she could, but warned her that she had to HANG ON with no "giddy ups" or "yee haws." She thankfully did not fall off of the tall horse. The girls also had fun playing in the little jail and dance studio that they have at the farm.

There was also a lot of lounging around and sharing cartoon mornings throughout the week. And in the evenings the girls loved to go out and drive in Stella's car. And Nellie loved attempting to control Stella's tricycle. (Stella has finally mastered that thing after having it for over three years--it helps that she is finally tall enough to reach the pedals.)

After being gone from their house for two weeks, Nellie and Valerie were both ready to get home, but Stella still cried sad tears as we pulled away from the airport after dropping them off. She loves having people stay at her house and sharing her favorite activities with her guests. And Stella loves Nellie.

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