Thursday, June 21, 2012


We found the little hat at Ross and the rest is history. Stella knocked it out of the park with these pics. She was totally model-ready and was working it for her mom.

When Stella saw some of the photos printed out she said: "I look faboolous!" and "I look marvelous!" And you have to admit, she does.

I am not sure the shoot would have been as much of a success without Aunt Heidi on the scene in Idaho Falls.

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Mistie said...

honestly. cutest pictures ever! And cutest girl ever too. wow. i seriously love them all. and the hat is to die for. i need to host a hat party. wouldnt that be fun?! we all need a chance to wear a hat like that! and she is 4 already?! really!? i didnt realize she was that big.
how fun.