Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Stella's much anticipated spring recital was on Saturday. It was early for us and I thought I had everything together, but when we got to the school I realized I had forgotten her freaking shoes! Ugh! I was so annoyed with myself that I took it out on pretty much everyone else (mostly Brent). But Heidi and Dad rushed to find them and made it in time for the performance, and a very nice mom said we could borrow her extra tap shoes if they didn't make it in time.

Stella as usual was only interested in when it was her turn to rock the stage. She watched the other dances, but just wanted her turn. She took it very seriously this time--not a lot of smiling went on while the diva danced. It was a Beauty and the Beast program in which she tapped to "Gaston," and ballet danced to "Beauty & the Beast."

The highlights were the costumes and having her aunt Heidi there all the way from Idaho to support her girl. Oh, and the twirling--Stella really enjoyed the twirling.


valerie sallay said...

I can not get over how stinking cute she is in her little tutu. ADORABLE! I bet Stella was the star of the stage.

Christy said...

Oh my! That is so freakin cute! I can't believe how ADORABLE all of those pictures are!! She is quite the little dancer and looks awesome in a tutu. :)