Saturday, June 16, 2012


Between all of the other fun we had while we were in Idaho, we enjoyed baseball season. Cy and Catcher are both on teams this summer and there are a lot of games. We went to see Catcher play on Monday before leaving for Yellowstone. 
Then we saw Cy play on Wednesday when we got back.
Stella spent most of Cy's game playing games on Nana Barb's iPad. It is cute because Wyn and Stella have their own little language now too. I suppose if there is ever an iPad game league, both Wyn and Stella could join.
I love my boys, and Stella does too. When we left she cried about Catcher and Cy for an hour in the car. How she was going to miss them, and how they live too far away. She was devastated by leaving them. I totally get it--how could you not love these two?!

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Geoff and Christy said...

I love Stella's little legs hanging off the bench! That is too cute! The last picture of the boys is super cute!