Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last week was Stella's first day at her new preschool, Children's Discovery. We went together to her new school and she met her teacher and got to look around. She missed the first official day on Thursday because we went out of town, but she went today and had a lot to say about it. She told me her new teachers sounded like her old teacher, and that it was their orders that you don't touch the walkie talkies. She made a new friend who wants her to come to her house and play, but apparently that girl has another friend who doesn't want Stella to be friends with the new friend, so she pushed Stella. Then another girl took a bunny from her. So she said that there was a "pusher" and a "taker" at school. When I told Stella that she'll be going to school with mean girls her whole life she started crying, and I felt really bad. I guess I took the life lesson a little too far. Overall though she seemed to love her first day.

 She was of course super happy to return to Miss Julie's for another year of dance. I couldn't believe how little the 3-year old class looked, and I can't imagine Stella being that little, but I guess last year she was. It was nice for her to return to something familiar, and I liked that too. Less sad for Mommy.

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