Sunday, September 9, 2012


Last week was a special treat for Stella because Aedan and Cali came for a visit. I didn't take a lot of pictures because they were in and out visiting family each day. When they were with us we were just hanging out and letting the kids play together which is what they do the very best. On Saturday night we had a warm rain and then Aedan and Stella went out and got soaked! Cali finally made it out too, but it was too dark for pics by then. Summer rains are the best and we simply did not have enough of them this year. 

I just love the Douglas kiddos, but right now I am especially in love with Miss Em. She is so sweet and cute and she smiles at you all the time. Her cheeks are crazy cute and I miss her right now as I type about her adorableness. Her "six month" photo shoot was a huge success. Here is my favorite pic:


Christy said...

Em misses you too just so you know. :) So do I but that's nothing new. Haha.

Heidi said...

That little girl is a no doubt a Douglas. She is so super cute. Love the photos.