Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Brent had a conference in Denver this year, and when I realized how cheap the flights were going to be, I decided Stella and I would make a trip of it. I then invited my parents and we had a really great time. Denver surprised me--I wasn't really expecting much, but it is a really lovely city.

Our hotel had an amazing pool and the first few days we were there it was pretty much deserted so we had the place to ourselves. It was very fun.

Our room was also awesome BTW...

Friday morning we got up with Papa and walked around the state capitol and around the city amphitheater. 

It was while we were walking around that I let Stella take some pictures since I had my nice camera, but not my best camera. I am proud to say that some of her pictures are pretty freaking awesome, so much so that I wouldn't be embarrassed to tell people that I took them...but I didn't, Stella did. I wish I could have taken a picture of her taking pictures--it was so cute. Especially when she told us to smile or when she told my dad and I to hold hands. 


Here are some of my attempts to take scenic shots, not as good as Stella's really...

The first night we were there, after visiting some friends who live in town, Stella and I walked to the 7-11 and chanced upon the most amazing glazed donuts I have ever had in my life. I talked about them non-stop, and when we went the next night to find them and they were sold out I was devastated. The next day, I made sure to stop off there right after our morning walk. They were as wonderful as I had remembered. 

We had a strange visitor in our room for our stay. The second night we discovered a GIANT moth flying around. We tried to get it, but it hid from us and didn't come out again that first night. I dreamed all night that I was getting it and it was flying around me. 

It showed up again the next night and I was able to incapacitate it enough to get it under a glass. It was still alive when we sent it off with housekeeping. It might have been the weirdest thing I have had happen to me while staying in a hotel. How that huge thing got in that room the world will never know. I certainly don't think I will forget the sound of it flapping in my ear for a long time.

On Saturday we went to the art museum, where Stella was able to participate in some fun crafts. Her favorite was painting a tile, and it turned out lovely. It was a pretty nice museum, but we never made it into the modern art building because we ran out of time.

We then walked back to our hotel and had dinner. Thankfully we were staying across the street from Stella's favorite restaurant which is Noodles & Co. So Stella ate that most nights (even when the rest of us didn't). It saved the day when she was so starving but wouldn't eat any real food but her precious Noodles & Co.

We had a great time, and had so much fun together as a family, crazy huge freak moth and all.

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Christy said...

How fun! I bet it was nice to have Brent there since he doesn't go on trips with you much. I guess you just have to go when HE has one. Great idea and looks like it was a great time! :)