Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well it is yet another year of course and that means Stella is no longer a Sunbeam, but is now a full fledged CTR. She is getting too old and I hate it. My only comfort is that she is still as short as all the new Sunbeams so she still looks little. :)

Stella wore her boots to church (she wears them almost everyday). My mom got them for her for Christmas because she had always wanted cowgirl boots since in her mind she is a little cowgirl. They look so cute on her of course.

This Sunday, she got her first CTR ring, and she said she was going to wear it forever. Also, during sharing time the kids were asked to color a picture of something that made them happy. I asked Stella what made her happy before she started and she told me it was coloring, so I thought the whole point of the exercise was lost on her. However, when she was done she showed me her picture and said: "Mom, this is you with your happy cheeks, and the sun that makes you happy." My heart might have melted a little.

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Christy said...

That is so sweet of her! I love when Cali gives me the pictures she draws of us. It makes my heart smile. :) I love her little outfit and her CTR ring! Cali got her first one too but hers is the boring old green one. Stella's is so cute!