Saturday, January 12, 2013


Stella has always loved the after effects of snow. She has also always loved to help us shovel the snow in the driveway. Though of course the shovels were always too big, so I finally bought her a shovel just her size. She asked for one in purple, but I told her that she would just have to take what came. She has now used it a couple of times. She usually only gets a few good pick-ups in before starting to play around, but I still like having her out with me and I love how cute she looks with her shovel.

Yesterday we got more snow at our house than we have ever gotten at one time before. (Just to get a sense of how much new snow there is in these pictures, the grass was showing before the storm.) It was a lot of work to get rid of it all, but Stella was a huge help. After our hard work I helped Stella's tiny toes warm up in the bathroom sink filled with warm water. She loved that part too.


Lori said...

Where are the neighbors with snow blowers to beat you to it? She sure is cute.

Christy said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! Dang that is a lot of snow!