Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The last couple of days have been full of me going through old stuff and cleaning out what we don't need. Also I am trying to finish up a project of converting all of our VHS and 8mm home movies to DVD, a project that has taken me freaking years! It is an overwhelming task and no one will appreciate it as much as I will since I am the only one who knows how tedious the process has been. But still...I press forward for the good of posterity. I was almost done but there are a few VHS tapes left and I wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing anymore tapes, so I started digging through my old stuff. 

While doing this digging Stella spotted my old dance costumes, so of course we had to get them all out. She was keen to try them all on, which I was also keen on doing. As she tried on each one and looked so stinking cute, I said: "I knew there was a reason I saved these all these years!" 

Special Note: there are way more costumes not pictured, these were my favorites. Also, Stella wouldn't let me take a picture of when she put one of my leotards on upside down, she was too embarrassed, but it made me laugh.


Mistie said...

wow. super impressed with your costume collection. love all of them! And stella's blue eyes make them even more dashing!

Christy said...

Adorable!! Where are all of my old dance costumes so I can do this with my girls you ask?? Well, I have no idea! How sad is that? Especially after seeing how freaking cute Stella looks in yours!! My fav is the pink with black and white stripes. :)
I did just have my vhs dance competition videos put on dvd and am pretty excited about it. I did it through Costco though so it just cost me money, not time. I can imagine how much work you've been doing!!