Wednesday, January 1, 2014


It is a New Year again, and we Sallays are pretty much kickin' it like we were last year. We have had such a busy and full 2013. We have been though a few hard times this year and our love for each other has grown as we've stayed close together. I don't know if I could even tell you how many times Stella has told me how much she loves us, her parents. She will just out of the blue say "Mom, I love you so much!" and then give me a hug. (Never kisses though...she hates those even more this year!) 

I wonder sometimes how much of our lives is just plain luck. I don't believe that much of it is. However, if there is some luck involved, I am so lucky to have Brent and Stella in my little house each day. We make a good team. Sometimes it scares me to think of what the future could bring, but if I have these two by my side we will be alright. 

Last New Year's, we did some sparklers and took pictures. I loved them so I wanted to do it again this year. I plan on doing it every year if we can.

Happy New Year.