Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Christmas Day 2013 might have been one of my favorite Christmas Days ever. It was so full of fun memories and was such a happy day. I couldn't imagine it being any nicer. 

Miss Stella woke us up to let us know that Santa had come. Of course, after being up with Kathy until the wee hours of the morning, I was pretty tuckered out. But I was ready to see what the man in red had brought our little girl. We all happily opened presents. Stella got me a magic LEGO set, and I got her a stage LEGO set, because we each love those things. I loved having Kathy, Mom, and Dad with us. So fun.

My dad and I slaved away in the kitchen all day. I did fit in a nap, but other than that I was doing nothing but cooking. Dad's turkey was wonderful and all of the food was just really delicious. I liked working with my dad--we make a good team. Our house was so full of people that night--it was really fun. I love having everyone over to enjoy Christmas. We opened presents, had the girls sing us songs, and just generally enjoyed the evening.

I made everyone pose with Santa and reindeer masks this year.

Brent really enjoys putting Stella's toys together. This was the last one, and I told him to keep it in the box, but he couldn't help himself. :)

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Christy said...

The Santa and reindeer props are awesome!