Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Chirstmas was especially festive this year and it all started out Christmas Eve at the Evans home. We had a wonderful dinner (thanks, Courtney) and a great night. Mom had a short program where she brought out some time capsule that I still don't remember ever seeing in my life. We had written goals and it was from like 1997. I thought mine was hilarious, and Ashley's was great too--she just talked about how she now had her licence. My dad wouldn't read his since his goal (stop swearing...Mom guessed it) has yet to be reached. Tyler's was unfortunately not in the bucket--I guess we will never know the life goals that Tyler had when he was a tween. The new thing we wrote down for the time capsule this year was things we were grateful for that we wanted to focus on for the next year. 

Then we opened some presents. Stella and I were super stoked to get the LEGO Friends cruise ship, I got the new book by my favorite author that isn't out yet (reading it now), and Courtney made us all cute pillows with our family names on them. Ava had to open presents for "the baby"--it was pretty funny to watch her keep opening presents that were not for her, and to see her "oh man!" reaction. But of course the girls had a fun time--there are no toys at Tyler and Courtney's house so they really enjoyed Courtney's trampoline and playing with the ribbons from the presents.

It was just a great night together. Then we went home where Aunt Kathy was waiting for us. She stayed over along with my mom and dad so that she could see Stella open gifts in the morning. Stella left a note along with a treat, roll-up, carrots, and water for Santa.

Kathy and I were up till 2:30 or so talking, but we went to bed just in time so that we wouldn't see Santa. Oh, Santa is such a sneaky one...

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Christy said...

Why wasn't I an Evans? You guys are so cool and fun! I love your Sallay pillow!