Friday, March 14, 2014


So, word on the street at the beginning of February was that a certain actor who is highlighted on my official celebrity crush list was going to be at Euro Treasures filming a scene from a movie. What?! I couldn't believe this magical news and was certain that it was too good to be true. In the end though, it became almost literally a dream come true for little old me.

The movie that was going to be filmed was by Jared Hess, who did Napoleon Dynamite. The scene to be filmed was going to feature Sam Rockwell (who is awesome) and Jemaine Clement (who I am sort of in love with). Jemaine is of Flight of the Concords fame and is one of my dearest crushes. My love for his hilariously adorable face was only magnified when Ashley, Heidi, Stacy and I went to see the Flight of the Concords concert several years ago. What can I say? I love a man who can make me laugh.

I was so fascinated with the coming arrival of Saturday, February 15th that I started having very vivid dreams about it. The most vivid being where I was asked to be in the movie as an extra and then Jemaine fell in love with me. When I told my mom this the night before, she burst into laughter. I wasn't really trying to be funny--this dream was pretty close to my heart as one of my secret hopes.

Shooting began very early and I arrived on set to good old Euro Treasures at 7:30 AM. The actors were there and I began to take some pictures. I looked pretty cute--I mean I got ready, which is something I don't normally do. So obviously I was making a huge effort to impress my crush. Soon I noticed that Jemaine was always looking and smiling at me, at least I thought he was. My old lady  mother status made it hard for me to believe.

Suddenly Jared asked Dad, Tyler, and me to sit behind the desk and be extras in the movie. Yes, I know what you are thinking--my dream was coming true! We all three just had to sit back and look normal, which if you know my dad in front of a camera, was not easy for him. We were so excited and were just trying to play it cool when we found out that we were all going to have to fill out extra release forms because we were all going to get paid $50 each to be in the movie that we would have gladly been in for free. It was all pretty awesome.

My dad snuck upstairs to see my mom and told her that we were going to be in the movie and my mom asked: "So is Michelle's dream literally coming true?" and my dad replied: "I don't know, but Jemaine does keep looking and smiling at her." So I wasn't crazy! He was falling in love with me right on the spot.

But then my game was put off track by the arrival of my lovely daughter and husband. Now that it was obvious I was married poor Jemaine had to face the truth--his true love was already spoken for.

A bit later, I finally got the guts to chat with him a bit and asked him to pose for some pictures with us. I even got the guts to ask him: "Will you pose like you are all cool, and I can look up adoringly at you like I am in love with you because I am?" And he totally did it, making special memories for us to treasure always. It must have been so hard for him not to look like he was in love with me. He is such a good actor, because in the pictures you couldn't really tell his true love feelings for me at all. He just looked like a guy posing with some girl he had just met who was kind of strange/forward for a mom.

Anyway, the morning was super fun. Stella got to see how boring moviemaking really is while enjoying some Skittles from craft services. Once the excitement wore off she was way more excited about hanging out with her grammy.

Saturday, February 15, 2014 is a day I will never forget and I will always treasure the memories of my dreams almost coming true.

Special Author's Note: I got permission to take as many pictures as I wanted as long as I didn't post them until the movie comes out. I wanted to write this post before then though because it seemed silly to wait. The pictures are totally fun and perhaps I will remember to share them when I can without getting in trouble. Normally I wouldn't care about following such rules, but they do have my social security number since I was part of the CAST! He he! And that means they could like sue me or something. Or write me a mean letter...

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