Saturday, March 29, 2014


I just finished editing pictures from the wedding of Christy's sister on the first of March, where I found some pics that I had taken of Stella. I normally don't take my offspring when I am working, but Stella really wanted to go and spend the day with her friends while their aunt got married. Since the wedding ceremony was at the Manti temple it was a long day for Miss Stella with a lot of time in the car. For the most part, she was really good. Just sitting at the reception and watching movies on her Kindle. She did come up to me at one point while I was in the middle of taking pics of a group of aunts and uncles in tears because her feelings had been hurt by another kid there. I had to send her off to go find Christy and I felt terrible about not being able to be a good mommy right then. Overall though, she had a fun time and loved having special time with Aedan and Cali.

I hadn't been to the Manti temple since I was like 12 and I went to the Manti pageant with the Young Women. I was so new in the church at that time that I didn't even really understand where we were. It was really fun to see it again. It was beautiful. I need to make a special trip and go inside.

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