Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Our next adventure while we had Wyn and Heidi with us was to head up to the canyon to see the flowers and take a little hike. We weren't for sure planning on heading up to Albion Basin since every time I have gone up there it has been too full, but we went at a pretty slow time of day and were able to get a parking spot at Cecret Lake. It was a great little hike and it was really beautiful. We passed loads of pretty flowers on our way to the lake. It was the worst time of day to take pictures, so none of them show how pretty the flowers looked. The kids did great and it wore us out just enough.

On our way down we saw a moose which was awesome. I'd never seen a moose so now I can check that off of my bucket list. It tried to take some pictures of him, but they all just look like a brown blob/shadow. We had to hurry down a bit though because we had to get to Zumba. Heidi was in no mood, but Wyn had been excited about it since first thing in the morning, so she went. I am happy to report that we all had fun at Zumba and the kids did great there too.

Stella and I were so sad to send these two home on Wednesday, but we were somehow able to pull ourselves together. We sure fit in a ton of fun adventures while they were here. Including Heidi and I getting all caught up on Rock This Boat, the New Kids on the Block fan cruise show, and buying the first season of Are You the One, because it is perfectly addictive. Who knew we could laugh so hard when someone stole some guy's dream journal?

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