Monday, November 7, 2016


The end of September marked our annual fall trip to Idaho Falls. We made a last minute decision to head up on Wednesday so we could see Catcher play football. We got there just in the nick of time. Watching Catcher play football was not as easy for me as you might think. First of all it doesn't matter how many times people explain the game to me, I just don't get it. Second, Catcher was number 11, but with his jersey sometimes he looked like number 72. Third, he was playing offense and defense so I never knew if he was on the field.  And finally, fourth, he has that helmet on....and I can't see his adorable face. Still, even though Heidi and I both missed Catcher making his first touchdown because we couldn't see him on the field it was a fun night and unfortunately Catcher loves football so this probably means more games in my future....darn.

I love that even though they are getting older the boys still love to have tea parties with Stella. It is probably because Heidi aka Mrs. Featherbottom hosts hilarious tea parties. They all have hilarious names and stories. Some even wear hilarious socks to the party, Cy's socks make me laugh.

Saturday morning was Wyn's soccer game. It was an absolutely freezing morning, but the sun came up and it wasn't so bad. (We had really unfortunate weather the whole weekend, it made doing any outdoor hikes and other stuff sound just terrible.) Wyn was great. He scored his first goal and was an amazing goalie as well. Since soccer is kind of a snooze we were all glad to have Catcher and Cy there to entertain us with a sibling wrestling match.

Cy's new favorite store is Ross, Dress for Less. I am pretty proud of this development. And we made a few trips to Ross. One of the things that Stella begs for every time we go to Ross is the Jelly Belly Beanboozled jelly beans. You either get good flavors like pear or piƱa colada or you get gross flavors like vomit, rotten eggs, spoiled milk, moldy cheese, is GROSS. Catcher bought some and Stella was on cloud nine to finally see what all the fuss was about. When I asked her recently if she wanted to play this game again, she said she wasn't sure. She seemed to get most of the bad ones, and when I say bad I mean BAD.

These guys were all hilarious playing the game and I took so many pictures of their funny faces.

One of the things the kids love to do is draw chalk cities on Grandma Barb's driveway and play city. They tried to do it at the Gummow's house, but we had these apocalyptic worms that kept showing up in the driveway during the rain storms so that made it tricky. They draw all of the favorite eateries that we love in Idaho Falls and other essential destinations like Ross Dress for Less Stadium.

We had a lazy Sunday and then finally had to head home after we took some pictures of the boys in downtown Idaho Falls. We left later than I would have liked, but made it home just fine. The sky was so pretty as we drove down I-15. I tried to take some pictures, but of course, you can never fully capture the beauty of the sky. We loved our visit, and even though it was a day longer than we had planned it wasn't nearly long enough.

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