Saturday, November 19, 2016


This year Stella's Halloween costume needed to be all sorted quite early because we got back from Florida on the 30th. Stella wanted to be a Pink Lady from Grease. She was adorable and sassy and everything that a Pink Lady should be.

We hosted the Halloween soirĂ©e this year. I made lasagna and we had a pretty big crew. It was crazy, but it was really fun too. I loved it. Porter was an adorable farmer. Courtney had made him a tractor and he never really wanted much to do with it. He also didn't want to wear his farmer hat. Tyler was Jerry Seinfeld, and I thought it was hilarious, but I might have been the only one. 

I was feeling a little bit like I had been bitten by the Halloween bug this year. We bought a few little spider decorations for the front door. Also, I decided I wanted some orange tights and I bought some, or so I thought. When I got them home and on I realized they were obviously red tights, and they even had the handy word "red" on the package. Still I think I looked pretty cute and Halloweenish, just not as cute as Stella, but I am never as cute as Stella. Ava was Cleopatra, and Finn was her mummy, Ashley was some other Greek goddess.

Along with our usual crew we had my cousin Monica's girls and Dave, Lyssa and their kids and Iva, Steve, and Beth. It was a wild party. The girls were really excited to hand out candy to the first trick-or-treaters. 

When we started going around the neighborhood we had a fun time. When Porter knocked on his first door across the street he just walked right in, it was hilarious. Also one of our neighbors had a talking and moving spider that said hilarious things to the kids and everyone loved it.

Brent stayed home and handed out candy with his dad. He was really scary though and he was standing right behind the door making a scary shadow. Then he would pound on the door as the kids walked up, then he would open the door all happy and say "Happy Halloween!" He looked so frightening from the street that some kids didn't even come to our door.

Overall Halloween 2016 was a hit and a night to remember. Mostly thanks to the adorable cuties that shared it with us.

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