Monday, November 7, 2016


I had pretty much determined we weren't going to make it up to Snowbird again this year, but Lindsey and Asher were going to go for a night so we decided to tag along. It was still Oktoberfest which meant that it was pretty busy with everyone standing around and drinking their overpriced beer. It made the lines for the rides much longer, but we still got in pretty much everything we wanted to do on that very chilly fall day.

We started off riding the Flyer ride. It was great fun and we enjoyed a very pretty view while riding it too.

We then headed for the Mountain Coaster, which I love BTW. I could ride it over and over again. I think it is so pretty and so fun. We had to stop and have Stella get a picture of this skeleton guy enjoying a beer before we rode the ride. I know she is underage, but he is overage so it evens out.

The next thing the kids wanted to do was jump on the trampolines. The line was very slow, but we persevered and made it to the front after a pretty long wait. Stella was so scared of these last year, but now she is all about flips and was eager to be successful at flipping. She did it several times and I was so proud.

We then headed up to go down the alpine slide. It was yet another very long line to wait for the sleds. They weren't letting nearly as many people down as they did last year. We were patient though and it was fun. Unfortunately it was the last time we got to go because when we attempted a second run later in the day it started to rain and they close it down in the rain. Boo!

They have this rope course that is up high off the ground. It doesn't look that intimidating from the ground, but once you get up there it is pretty scary. Stella really wanted to try it and Asher was NOT into it, so we gave it a go without them. I told Stella several times that she was harnessed in and COULD NOT fall, but once she got up there, she was absolutely terrified. I was so proud of her, because the last thing she did was walk across some beams where you couldn't hold onto anything and she did it. I think she was pretty proud of herself, but I wonder if she will ever get the guts to do it again.

I'm so glad we got to ride the Mountain Coaster again, because I love it.

The kids wanted to do the trampolines again, but it started to really rain and rain hard so we got out of line and went over to ride the big tram up to the top of the mountain. The kids were not too jazzed about not getting to go on the trampolines again. We were pretty much out of time though. The whole place closed at 6 and our day had already gone. We did spend way more time in line than I think we would have liked. But as we were walking to the tram we saw a beautiful double rainbow, and it was a delight to see.

We then took the tram up. We weren't sure we wanted to do it, but in the end we decided why not? I'm glad we did, it is a pretty amazing view up there.

We headed into Sandy for dinner, the kids had pizza and we went to Blue Lemon. Then we headed back up to Snowbird to sleep. It seemed a bit silly since we were closer to our own houses, but we had made the reservations so back up we went. I was so tired from our Lagoon trip the night before and our busy day that I didn't think I would have it in me to take the kids to the pool, but I pepped up a bit and we took them down for a swim. The pool was a huge party with so many wild people, but the kiddos loved it so it was fine. I loved it when they both got in bed later that night and were reading their books with their reading lamps, it was so cute.

The next morning we let them swim one more time and then we checked out and headed home. It was a fun little trip and I'm glad we made the effort to go. Stella left an adorable note for the Snowbird staff and it made me realize how it is always worth it to take this kid to fun places because she is always so thankful and delighted with everything we do.

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