Monday, December 12, 2016


Last year we were out of town during Stella's piano recital, so this year was her second year of piano, but her first recital. She was terrified. Like crazy scared. She practiced so much. She knew the piece perfectly but she would hardly ever play it right all the way through when she practiced at home because she would get nervous. I knew once she actually had a recital experience she would be fine, and hopefully each recital will get easier as the years go on. In fact I video-recorded her hands close up playing her song after the recital was over and she played her song with no mistakes because the pressure was officially off. I was so proud of her though because I am amazed how she can do things that scare her. It is a very admirable skill. She played "Minuet" by Bach.

We were happy to have some fans in the audience. But I think the biggest fan was her daddy. He recorded it and put the video on Facebook for all the world to be amazed by Stella.

I love this first picture of her because it really shows how scared she was...

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